Stjórnlokar Zone "C"

Efficient in every way

Belimo ZoneTight™ valves are engineered for maximum efficiency in tight spaces and set new performance standards for both pressure-dependent and pressure-independent zone applications.

  • 2-way DN 15-25
  • 3-way DN 15-25 Blending

Stjórnlokar "R"

Reliable and proven millions of times over

Compact, heat-resistant and tight-closing 2-way and 3-way types – motorised with energy-efficient rotary actuators. The practice-proven ball valves are fitted with Belimo’s characterised disc and guarantee a valve characteristic curve with equal percentage.

  • 2-way DN15-50
  • 3-way DN15-50 Mixing
  • 3-way DN15-50 Blending

Butterflylokar "D"

The most intelligent butterfly valve on the market

The latest technology for butterfly valves from Belimo is especially designed for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and fully meets all of its requirements. Butterfly valve/actuator combinations are available in DN 25 to DN 700 for 2-way open/close and modulating control applications, 3-way combinations for changeover and control applications from DN 150 to DN 300.

  • 2-way DN25-700
  • 3-way DN150-300


Seamless integration

Belimo immersion and surface sensors ensure reliable operation for measuring temperature, condensation, static pressure, differential pressure and flow in pipes or on the surface.


Pressure sensor liquids

Active sensor (0…10 V) for pressure
measurement in HVAC systems. The sensor is
suitable for liquids, refrigerants or nonaggressive gases. The housing is made of
stainless steel and is IP65 / NEMA 4 rated.

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